Tarjeem is an Arabic word meaning "to translate" or "to interpret".  Tarjeem is for the modern traveler who expects more than Google to help translate the cross-cultural experience and make the most of their travels. 


Inspiration and catalytic change happens when we come to a deeper understanding of a foreign concept, problem, or situation. Tarjeem helps the traveler transform that experience into meaning and inspiration. 


The Team 1.0

Ryan Secrest
Founder, CEO

Ryan began his international travel at the age of 1, when his parents decided to take him to mainland Mexico for his first birthday. Since then, Ryan has been to over 60 countries, sleeping in just about everything from cow dung huts in remote villages to luxurious 5-star hotels in the world's trendiest cities. Throughout his travels, it has been the people that Ryan has met who shaped his desire to give everyone the opportunity to travel and interact with people from different cultures, faith backgrounds, social statuses, political parties, and worldviews.  With a willingness to learn & empathize, is it these cross-cultural experiences that produce deeper understanding, peaceful relations, thoughtful inspiration, and in turn culminate in human flourishing for all. 

Although small, Tarjeem is really a culmination of the hundreds of people from all corners of the globe that have helped along the way, offering both encouragement and opposition, shared views and different beliefs, and most of all; inspiration to seek a more peaceful world. As Tarjeem grows, we will be adding to the team! 

When you travel with Tarjeem, you help make the world a better place.  

We are committed to giving back 4% of our net revenue toward human flourishing and environmental sustainability.  We believe doing so makes the world a better place for this generation and the next.  

Scroll down for more information about our 'We Care' commitment. 


Local Charity



Carbon Offsets

Local Charity

We believe that many organizations are doing great work around the world and it is through donations like ours that this work is able to continue. When you travel with Tarjeem, we invest 2.5% of the total revenue we receive directly back into the community or country you visit. Instead of giving directly to individuals, we vet local charities and non-profit organizations that are established and have a good track record in that community or country. At the end of the year, we make a donation on behalf of the travelers who choose to travel with Tarjeem.  

We envision a world where travelers give back to the communities they visit and this is one way we achieve that vision.  

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Carbon Offsets

We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. Though international travel is costly to the environment, we believe the good from international travel can outweigh the bad. And because of this, we are donating 1.5% of our total revenue to carbon offsets and carbon offset projects around the globe. We have researched credible and effective carbon offset services and will invest in these programs to offset the environmental cost of international travel. 

We envision technology solutions that significantly diminish the traveler's carbon footprint. Until that day comes, we support efforts to sustain and enrich our beautiful world.  


Now you can feel good about traveling with Tarjeem!