Looking to catch the highlights of Morocco in a short period of time? Our Northern Highlights itinerary is the perfect trip that lets you experience Morocco's ancient and modern, costal and inland, metropolis and medina.  


Day 1  Arrival + Casablanca

Arrive into Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport (CMN). Make your way into the city and immerse yourself in Morocco’s busiest metropolis. Visit the old city of Casablanca or fight off jetlag in one of Casablanca’s many restaurants, bars, or cafes. 

Overnight: Casablanca


Day 2  Casablanca + Rabat

Head to Hassan II mosque, located on the ocean (literally).  Stroll the spectacular courtyard and marvel at the one of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces.  After lunch, head north to Rabat (approximately 1 hour).  Visit the famous Chellah necropolis before sunset and enjoy the evening in Morocco’s administrative and government capital. 

Overnight Rabat


Day 3  Rabat + Fez

After breakfast explore Rabat’s picturesque medina and wander through the city’s quaint souq. From Rabat, you will leave the coast and head east toward the Atlas Mountains to one of Morocco’s most precious jewels—Fez.

Overnight: Fez


Day 4  Fez

Get lost in the dizzying maze of Fez’s medina—a UNESCO World Heritage site and the world’s largest urban area inaccessible by car. Visit the famous leather tanneries, get your shopping fix in, and be sure to catch the panoramic view from one of the hundreds of rooftop terraces. 

Overnight: Fez


Day 5   Fez + Tangier

After lunch, begin your journey north to Tangier (approximately 5 hours). Arrive in Tangier in the early evening, check into your hotel, and head to dinner at one of Tangier’s many international restaurants.

Overnight: Tangier


Day 6  Tangier

Explore the picturesque medina of Tangier—the scene of multiple Hollywood movies—stroll the cornice along the Mediterranean, or trace the footsteps of countless artists, writers, and musicians who found their inspiration in Tangier’s idyllic setting.

Overnight: Tangier


Day 7   Tangier

Soak up the Mediterranean breeze from one of the many cafes, rooftop terraces, or vistas in the city or plan a visit to the fortress, one of the museums, or one of several historical sites Tangier has to offer. Catch a movie at Cinema Rif or sip coffee from one of the hundreds of outdoor cafes that line the streets of Tangier’s medina and Ville Nouvelle.

Overnight: Tangier


Day 8   Departure

If time permits, wrap up any last minute shopping needs or mint tea fixes, and then head to the airport for your departure back home. 





Additional Adult: $485

Additional Child (under 13): $325



Additional Adult: $1,015

Additional Child (under 13): $675



Additional Adult: $1,465

Additional Child (under 13): $975

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